2023 Fall Family Campout

Our annual Fall Family Campout is an important event in our year-long program. Our Cub Scouts will learn to embrace the outdoors in a safe environment all the while growing closer with their family and fellow scouts. It’s a great opportunity for our boys to learn leadership, teamwork, and other life skills!

Be sure to check out the FAQ located near the bottom of this page. It’s full of helpful information including a detailed map.


We will be camping this fall at Myers Park in McKinney. It’s about thirty minutes away and has ample parking, real bathrooms, and, most importantly, open space for Scouting activities!


Saturday Day Camper​

Sat 12:30pm → 9:00pm

Fri Night Only Camper

Fri 5:00pm → Sat 9:00pm

Sat Night Only Camper

Sat 10:00am → Sun 10:00am

Two Night Camper

Fri 5:00pm → Sun 10:00am

Meals / Water

  • Pack 443 will provide pizzas Friday night.
  • Bring your own Saturday breakfast and lunch.
  • Pack 443 will also provide a fajita feast for Saturday dinner and breakfast tacos for Sunday breakfast.

We will have large sports jugs at camp filled with tap water. It’s essential that you bring your own reusable water bottles.

Campsite Map

BSA Medical Forms

Medical Forms are required for ALL participants (scouts, parents, and siblings). They are required annually, so any forms completed for last spring’s campout are still good. 

Here’s an updated Google Sheet listing individuals with valid medical forms. If your name is missing, you must complete another form and turn in to your den leader by October 24th.

Print your Medical Forms here

Note: We only accept hard copies of the form.


Supplies: What Do We Need to Bring?

An exhaustive supply list can be found on our Camping Gear webpage

Don’t forget your flashlights, camp chairs, sunscreen, poncho, outdoor blanket, snacks, and reusable water bottles!


The Cub Scout uniform* is only required at the Saturday night campfire and Sunday Service. Otherwise, we ask that the boys wear their red Pack 443 activity shirt.

*Lions wear their blue shirt



Water and Restrooms

We will have Gatorade jugs filled with water at our campsite. Please bring a reusable water bottle for everyone. Otherwise, you are responsible for any special drinks or purified water.

Restrooms are nearby with plumbing, lights, and heat!



There’s ample parking in the main lot. You will have about a 0.25 mile hike from your car to the campsite, so a folding wagon is strongly recommended.

Fun Activities

Friday Evening
  • Pizza Party
  • Watch “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” (recommended age of 7+) on a GIANT inflatable movie screen!
Saturday Daytime
  • Den adventures, potato cannons, special Explorers Hiking Club nature hike, field games, model rocket launchpad*, and more!

*Watch Pack 443’s own rocket launch skyward or bring your completed model rocket along with recovery wadding, engines, and igniter plugs

Saturday Evening
  • Enjoy fajitas, tortillas, chips & salsa, rice, beans, and, of course, Chick-fil-A nuggets for our pickier eaters
  • Campfire loaded with den skits, songs, and jokes
  • Award Bobcat rank to our newest Scouts
  • Retire an American Flag
  • S’mores!
Sunday Morning
  • Pack-provided breakfast
  • Brief Sunday Service
  • Leave No Trace campsite cleanup
  • Pack up and leave



All Pack 443 families are invited to the Fall Family Campout. This includes Scouts, siblings and parents. Other family members are welcome to attend. Please make sure you have a current medical form filled out for everyone present in your party.

We will wear our red Pack 443 activity shirt/sweatshirt all weekend except for our Saturday campfire and Sunday services when we wear our Cub Scout uniform (except for Lions who will wear their blue Lion shirts).

Guns, tobacco products, alcohol and fireworks are not allowed. Knives may only be used by adults or Scouts who have earned the right to do so (Bear Scouts and above who have earned their Whittling Chip card).

We also ask that Scouts refrain from bringing electronics like portable TV’s, GameBoys, iPads, tablets, etc. If they need to have a phone, that is OK – but it should NOT be used except for emergencies and especially not for groups of Scouts watching videos, playing games, etc. We want the Scouts to enjoy their outdoor time, not hiding in tents playing Minecraft and watching YouTube videos 🙂

  • Scouts should only have access to their own tents, and should never enter another person’s tent. No exceptions!

  • Scouts may only sleep in tents with adults from their own family. No adult should share a tent with a Scout that is not in their immediate family.

  • Scouts from different families ARE allowed to share a tent, but with no adults in that tent.

  • No adult should ever be alone with a Scout.

  • Scouts are not allowed to throw things into the fire unless instructed to do so by an adult.

  • No littering! We firmly employ LEAVE NO TRACE CAMPING at all times. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the campsite in pristine shape.

No, there is no electricity available at the camp site. Please bring your own portable battery to recharge cell phones, etc.

We will need lots of help from the parents. Specifically, we want the Scouts and siblings to stay safe, so be on the lookout for any dangerous behavior. NO running near the fire, pushing, fighting, etc.

We will also need help tending the fire, cooking, cleanup and more. If everyone pitches in, things tend to go quickly.

We also ask that everyone take lots of photos, as these are some great memories for the Scouts and families, and feel free to share your pics on Pack 443’s Memories page.