Spring Cub World Campout

A Cub World is a magical place. At Cub World, a boy can become a knight in a medieval castle, a pioneer in an Old West fort, or a pirate looking for buried treasure. The purpose of a Cub World program is to fulfill the purposes of Cub Scouting by providing campers with an exciting and rewarding array of activities and new experiences.

Every spring, Pack 443 journeys down to Camp Wisdom’s Shirley Sowell CubWorld. While overnight camping is optional, we encourage all of our scouts to participate in our yearly adventure theme: Pirates, Knights, or Western. 

2024 Spring Cub World Campout: April 26-28

All Pack 443 Cub Scouts and their families are invited to come and enjoy Camp Wisdom next month. Our Cubs will transform into western cowboys with their own slingshot, cowboy hat, and more!

You may arrive as early as Friday night to enjoy two full nights of camping or just come by as a day camper enjoying our Saturday afternoon and evening activities.

On Saturday night, our Cubs will receive their Rank Advancement at our Mikanakawa Campfire. We will celebrate with smores, skits, songs, and more!

Time Commitment

Saturday Day Camper

Saturday 12:30pm → 9:00pm

Camp Overnight: Saturday Only

Saturday 10:00am → Sunday 9:30am

Camp Overnight: Friday and Saturday

Friday 5:00pm → Sunday 9:30am

Pack Provided Meals

  • Saturday: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Sunday: Breakfast


Camp Wisdom: 6400 W Red Bird Ln, Dallas, TX 75236


Campsite Reservations

Primary campsite: Daniel Boone (secondary campsite: Davey Crockett)


Fun Pack Activities

Friday Nighttime

Explore the dark tunnels of Cave Mountain and summit the Cub Scout Climbing area.

Saturday Daytime
  • Assemble your slingshots. Note: There’s ZERO tolerance for hard shots or blows to the neck/head/groin.
  • Practice your aim with some target practice
  • Lasso some cattle
  • Get your “Wanted” photo taken
  • Cowboy hats, bandanas, and temp tattoos
  • Finally, fight for Fort Farrington playing Capture the Flag!
Saturday Nighttime
  • Enjoy hamburgers and hotdogs together at camp then put on your Cub Scout uniform.
  • Hike over to the Mikanakawa Campfire for Rank Advancement, smores, and fellowship!


BSA Medical Forms

Medical Forms are required for ALL participants (scouts, parents, and siblings). They are required annually, so any forms completed for last fall’s campout are still good.

Here’s an updated Google Sheet listing individuals with valid medical forms. If your name is missing, you must complete another form and bring it at the April Pack Party on 4/23. Otherwise, you’ll need to contact your den leader or Cubmaster Matt.

Medical Forms can be printed at pack443.info/get-involved/parent-resources.

Note: We only accept hard copies of the form.


Supplies: What Do We Need to Bring?

An exhaustive supply list can be found at pack443.info/gatherings/campouts/camping-gear

Don’t forget your flashlights, camp chairs, sunscreen, snacks, and water bottles!



The Cub Scout uniform* is only required at the Saturday night campfire and Sunday Service. Otherwise, we ask that the boys wear their red Pack 443 activity shirt. While this campout is exclusive to Pack 443, there will be plenty of other packs around us. Wearing your red shirt or Cub Scout uniform is a must.

*Lions wear their blue shirt


Water and Restrooms

We will have Gatorade jugs filled with water at our campsite. Please bring a water bottle for everyone attending. Otherwise, you are responsible for any special drinks or purified water.

Restrooms are nearby and have lights, plumbing, and maybe even a shower!



Parking can be tricky. Please be considerate and only park in the designated areas on the map that are near the campsites. Most families will have to drive near the campsite, unload everything, and then return to the main parking area. Our Saturday day campers should park in the main parking area then walk to our campsite.


Parent Volunteers: There’s a role for everyone!

Sign up here!

Note: Pack will reimburse any and all costs within reason.


Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday breakfast are shopped, prepped, cooked, and served by Pack 443’s leaders and helpful parents.

Additionally, Pack 443 provides a beautiful, safe campsite, a U.S. flag in camp, Camp Chef stoves with griddles and propane, lanterns, camp signage, fire tools, first aid kit, camp kitchen cook kit loaded with cooking utensils, spices and more plus plates, napkins, paper towels, plastic utensils, several large jugs of water (for cooking, cleaning, drinking), Lysol wipes, several 6ft tables, warming racks, foil pans and more.

Guns, tobacco products, alcohol and fireworks are not allowed. Knives may only be used by adults or Scouts who have earned the right to do so (Bear Scouts and above who have earned their Whittling Chip card).

We also ask that Scouts refrain from bringing electronics like portable TV’s, GameBoys, iPads, tablets, etc. If they need to have a phone, that is OK – but it should NOT be used except for emergencies and especially not for groups of Scouts watching videos, playing games, etc. We want the Scouts to enjoy their outdoor time, not hiding in tents playing Minecraft and watching YouTube videos. 🙂

  • Scouts should only have access to their own tents, and should never enter another person’s tent. No exceptions!

  • Scouts may only sleep in tents with adults from their own family. No adult should share a tent with a Scout that is not in their immediate family.

  • Scouts from different families ARE allowed to share a tent, but with no adults in that tent.

  • No adult should ever be alone with a Scout.

  • Scouts are not allowed to throw things into the fire unless instructed to do so by an adult.

  • No littering! We firmly employ LEAVE NO TRACE CAMPING at all times. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the campsite in pristine shape. We will need several volunteers to take home a bag of trash.