Explorers Hiking Club

Get ready to lace up your hiking boots and join Pack 443’s Explorers Hiking Club! Each month we will tackle a local trail and find a geocache or two. Cubs will track their miles and earn rewards!

Please visit the Pack 443 Calendar to join our next hike!

Why join the Explorers Hiking Club?

  • Discover Nature: Gain a deeper appreciation for the natural world and its wildlife.
  • Physical Fitness and Life Skills: Hiking is a great way to stay active and boost endurance as well as develop resilience, determination, and self-confidence.
  • Team Building & Friendship: Learn to support one another, communicate effectively, and collaborate to overcome any challenges.
  • Outdoor Skills & Safety: Pick up essential outdoor skills, such as navigation, wilderness survival tips, and Leave No Trace principles. Safety will always be our top priority, ensuring that each hike is a well-prepared and secure adventure.


Note: Your milage will rollover from year to year as you work towards the below rewards.

Any Scout who hikes 15 miles with the club will earn their own “Trailblazer Staff,” which will be given at the next scheduled Pack Party in front of the entire pack. Additionally,  Scouts will earn a single bead after every hike to add to their Trailblazer Staff.

Beyond the staff and beads, Scouts can accumulate miles throughout Cub Scouts and earn medallions:

  • 25 miles: Current rank medallion
  • 50 miles: “50 Miler” medallion*
  • 75 miles: World Crest*
  • 100 miles: Personalized name medallion*
  • 150 miles: US Flag with Eagle*
  • 200 miles: Fleur-de-Lis Eagle with American Shield*

*or Scout can choose another rank medallion

Above and Beyond the Explorers Hiking Club

Trailblazer Staff and medallions are earned only during official Explorers Hiking Club. 

That said, we want to encourage our boys to hike alongside their families on their own. To that end, Pack 443 will recognize Scouts and award a special Survival Kit to boys who hike 25+ miles outside the Explorers Hiking Club in one program year (September to August). 

Note: An adult must be present for the hike and proper documentation provided (photos, trail info, and milage recorded).

More Information

  • All hikes will depart from the meeting location as scheduled.
  • Hike lengths typically range from 2–7 miles.
  • A scout may join the Explorers Hiking Club at any time during the year.
  • Siblings may participate in hikes without disrupting the larger group. Only Scouts earn hiking rewards.
  • All Lions & Tigers must have an adult partner hiking alongside.
  • Adults providing the transportation for any Wolf, Bear, or Webelos scout must hike with those scouts. No drop-offs at hiking locations are allowed.
  • All adults hiking are responsible for their scouts (or transported scouts) and their needs, such as bathroom breaks, snacks, water, etc.
  • We start, break, and end together with everyone following the same trail.
  • An adult leader is assigned to the “tail” position. No one is allowed behind this individual.
  • Hiking mileage will be awarded only for pack or den sanctioned events. 
  • All mileage that is earned must be recorded by the hike leader to receive credit.
  • No dogs allowed.
  • Once a month.
  • Weekends or holidays.
  • No regularly set time or date, Saturday or Sunday, morning or afternoon.
  • Weather-dependent so changes on short notice could occur.
  • Will never overlap with other Pack activities.
  • Local and regional area parks. No further than one hour away from Frisco.

  • Variety of hiking perspectives: historical, wildlife, bird-watching, plant & aquatic-life, geological & scenic.

  • Trip agendas with trail descriptions, maps (when possible) and directions for each hike will be provided.

  • No separate meeting other than the actual hike.

  • Wear your red Pack 443 activity shirt for easy identification.
  • Pack your Cub Scout Six Essentials: First aid kit, water bottle, flashlight, trail food, sun protection, and whistle. Remember to keep it light!
  • Bring enough water for the entire hike. Small water bottles are not enough when it’s hot outside!
  • On longer hikes, we will typically eat lunch on the trail (practicing “Leave No Trace” at all times).
  • Encouraged but not required: Small daypack. Cubmaster Matt prefers the CamelBak Mini Mule.
  • Remember, Scouts will be responsible for carrying their own gear – so keep it light!
  • Wear comfortable shoes, preferably hiking shoes with appropriate socks to avoid blisters.
  • Don’t forget insect repellant and rain poncho!
  • During the winter, hats, scarves, gloves/mittens, coats & boots should be worn. Dressing in layers is always a good idea.
  • Always use the Buddy System
  • Leave No Trace: Plan ahead, stick to the trails, trash your trash, leave what you find, respect wildlife and other visitors
  • Hike on the right, pass on the left
  • Respect nature’s peacefulness
  • Stay with the group, never wander off
  • Watch for cyclists
  • If you get lost… STOP! Stop, Think, Observe and Plan. Stay calm and stay put, blow your whistle, and drink water & eat a snack.