Popcorn Fundraiser (August - October)

Trail's End

How and Why We Sell

Pack 443’s annual popcorn sale provides the best opportunity to raise all the money necessary for a quality, year-round program in the least amount of time possible. The popcorn sale is the only product sales fundraiser approved by our council’s Executive Board, which means it is the only fundraiser in which our Scouts can wear their Scout uniform while selling/participating.

  • Trail’s End is the website and phone app that we use to reserve storefront slots, sell online, and record face-to-face sales. Check out their App Quick Start Guide.
  • Storefront sales run from August 20th through October 29th. Scouts must wear their Cub Scout uniform, not their red pack shirt. Shifts are mostly two hours long with two scouts (and parents) per shift. Don’t forget to pick up or drop off supplies from the Popcorn Kernel’s house if you’re the first or last shift of the day (an email was sent with the home address).


Scouts earn bigger and bigger rewards as they sell more and more popcorn! There are prizes available from Trail’s End as well as special prizes from our local district, Circle Ten. See below for details.

Circle Ten Popcorn Prizes
2022 Trail's End Rewards