Scouter Resources

Thank you for making Pack 443 the best it can be for our boys! You are most appreciated and forever a part of our Pack 443 family!


KISMIF: Keep It Simple, Make It Fun

Cub Scouting doesn’t have to be elaborate. It’s often better just to do a few simple actives and leave plenty of time for goofing off and socializing. You’ll find that many of the requirements are not that complicated.


“Do Your Best”

Don’t stress. Just do the best you can. If one of the requirements seems difficult, ask about it.


KISMIF Part 2: Keep It Secret, Make It Fail

Parent communication is paramount. Let your parents know well in advance of events, then send a reminder a few days beforehand. Don’t assume they know anything as they rely on the den leader to keep them informed.


Have Fun!

This is the most important advice for our dens. If nobody is having fun, then participation will drop off. Relax and enjoy this time with your son and his friends. You are creating memories that will last a lifetime!


Online Resources


Scoutbook for Den Leaders


Unofficial Den Leader Resources


Official BSA Resources